Mr Saharsh Damani

Mr Saharsh Damani


Mr Saharsh Damani, graduated in Accountancy Honours and went on to do his Masters in Finance (Gold Medallist) followed by CFA and MBA (Finance & Marketing), is the first CEO of Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (F A D A).

With a career spanning over a decade in various Liaising, M&A, Strategy and Research related roles, Mr Damani has a proven track record of taking Federations ahead in the game in his previous two roles at the All India Digital Cable Federation (AIDCF) and Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF), the preeminent body of Digital Cable TV Operators and Television Broadcasters in India. Apart from Media & Entertainment, he has worked in various other industries, such as, Information Technology, Building Materials and Life Sciences, on M&A, Strategy and Research related areas.

Electric Mobility Panel Discussion

E-mobility and emergence of supporting infrastructure, it’s emerging and could disrupt the entire vendor network and supply chain with newer methods of consumption coming main stream. Government has been flip flopping over policy for EV; for now, where is the roadmap? Will it be enticing for OEMs to roll out full blow e-technological products? What […]