Mr. Tarun Mehta

Mr. Tarun Mehta

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder - Ather Energy

Mr. Tarun Mehta, a graduate of Engineering Design (Dual Degree 2012) from IIT Madras, along with his fellow student Swapnil Jain conceptualised and started ‘Ather Energy’ in April 2013. Ather is developing India’s first smart electric scooter that aims to revolutionize the concept of two wheeler driving in India.

While at IIT, Tarun was associated with various product development teams and was actively involved with the entrepreneurship eco system (C-TIDES). He worked upon more than a dozen prototypes over a wide range of topics and has six co-patents (pending), under his name.

Driven by his core interest towards electric drive, Tarun quit his job at A shok Leyland in the year 2012 to start work on battery packs which is one of the biggest existing shortcomings in electric vehicles today. Eventually, realizing that the problem isn’t just the battery pack, the team was drawn to the idea of designing and building a completely new electric vehicle.

As CEO at Ather, Tarun drives the strategic thinking for the company while being closely involved with the close knit Ather team in reviewing every aspect of the vehicle development. He also represented Ather in the ‘Technical Advisory Group for Electric Mobility’ to the Government of India. And also lead the Electric Vehicle group in the Champions of Change program organised by Niti Aayog

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