Mr. Anup Wadhwa

Mr. Anup Wadhwa

Director, Automation Industry Association

Mr. Anup Wadhwa is an Alumnus of IIT Delhi from where he completed his Bachelor degree in Technology in Electrical and Electronics in 1975. His passion for Digital Electronics started in college and later took him to an exciting career in the field of Industrial Automation.

Mr Wadhwa’s career has spanned several functions such as Corporate Planning and Technology Development, Integrated Project Management, Marketing and Consultancy, across different organizational styles. He has had major stints at BHEL and at Allen Bradley. He has a good grasp of several industries and their challenges in automation, having dealt with machine builders, electrical and instrumentation suppliers, system integrators, IT and BPR consultants, educators and business owners.

Currently he is serving as the Director of the Automation Industry Association (AIA) and coordinating a National initiative, Samarth Udyog, through the IITD-AIA Foundation for  Smart Manufacturing. He also pioneered other projects like AIA’s Campus Connect and Skills Enhancement Initiatives which aim to reshape the university curriculum and understanding of technology at the grassroots.

A passionate student about life purpose and inner engineering, he volunteers time with individuals and teams through coaching and joyshops.

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