Mr. Kin Mun Leo

Mr. Kin Mun Leo

Primary Technical Support Motorcycle Oil Business APAC, Shell Global Solutions

Mr. Kin Mun Leo is graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering from Loughborough University (UK) and started his career in the aerospace industry as the aircraft components engineer in Singapore. About a year a half later, he joined Shell Research Eastern lubricants team when the company established it’s first Asia-Pacific R&D laboratory, outside Japan, in Singapore in the 1990s.

In his early role, Leo played a technical advisory role to a variety of lubricants-related applications and providing technical services for the customers in the region. He later became the R&D project lead focusing on motorcycle oils development given the significant growing bike segment in Asia. Along the way, Leo obtained Professional Diploma in the Asia-Pacific Marketing, to gain greater awareness in the dynamics of consumer marketing and keeping a commercial perspective.

Leo was selected to join a dedicated team of Lubricants Product Application Specialists that offered in-depth technical services to both B2C and selected key automotive customers in the East.

In 2010, Leo took on the position of the Global Technology Manager for Shell Advance Motorcycle Oil, responsible for the delivery of the global motorcycle oils R&D programme and leading a team of product developers across Europe and Asia. He subsequently moved to base in the new Shell technology centre in Shanghai to develop and grow the local talent pool.

Currently, Leo, is the primary technical support for the motorcycle oil business in the Asia-Pacific region.

Factors Driving the Motorcycle Oils Development