Choraria Industries is one of the leading Indian Companies which manufactures Flexible Connectors, Bellows, Perforated Pipes, Bend Pipes, Resonators, Pre-Mufflers, Wire Mesh Spacers, Spherical Graphite/Mica Joint Seal Ring, Wire Mesh End Seal Ring, Baffles, Exhaust Covers, Flanges, Clamps and many other child parts of the Exhaust System for T-1 Automotive OEMs, Industrial OEMs and for Aftermarket requirements. Our parts are widely used in Hot End and Cold End Assemblies for various types of Applications across Automotive segments (2W, 4W, CV) and our Flexible Connectors/Bellows through Bengal Industries Pvt. Limited are widely used in various Industrial segments. Our vision is to expand our portfolio of products in the existing segments/across Customers wherein we currently participate and increase our penetration in 3W, CV and Off-Road Business segments